Hyundai I10. Has anyone else had this type of fault.

Found 10th Sep 2014
The engine would not go beyond 3000rpm while driving or while the car was stationary and in neutral. I got back in the car half an hour later and the fault had gone - everything back to normal and has been OK for 5 days now. Just wondering if it is likely to happen again or if someone has had same fault and had it fixed. Car just over 5 years old now so out of warranty.
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Sounds like it went into get me to the nearest garage mode, Could be for many different reasons.

Engine ,anti- pollution lights - any ? Red or amber ?
Get a code reader and check for stored fault codes
I don't remember any lights on the dashboard being lit, but I wasn't actually looking for any at the time.

Where would I get a code reader from.
The car can't be that old, pop it back to the dealer, let them plug it in and read the fault
Is it still in the 5 year warranty? If so problem solved! Otherwise, that should come with an EML (engine management light).
Not had that problem with ours and its exactly the same age.
bit more gas maybe?
Check in the engine bay and make sure anything that is plugged in, is plugged in securely.
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