Hyundai i30 esp fault light ?

Posted 21st May 2018
Can anyone help I keep getting a light on dashboard and not sure what it can be I even took it to a garage and they found nothing ? it's a Hyundai i30 09 plate Tia
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Someone may help you, but it would be better to describe the light - shape, colour, how long it stays on for etc?
It's on.. No its not... Yes it is... No its not... Yes it is... That's called an indicator. An old fashioned concept and fitted to all old cars, fit those people who can be bothered to use them...
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You may wish to check this owner's forum - they seem to suggest tyre pressure -…9.0
I "think" i had an issue with a seat ibiza with the ESP came on and it was a problem with one of my ignition coils. How does the car itself actually drive with the fault light on? Is it sluggish or anything?
ESP is part of traction control system. Could be anything from a deflated tyre to a faulty brake light switch.
Op not that bothered, not replied and no picture or description... CBA to be honest.
Warning light is esp off also cut out at traffic lights today . Rev counter also stopped working at 1point. Been at work that's why I didn't reply.
Faulty ECU, Control module or electrics. Avoid driving until fixed.
Where did car go into?, may need Hyundai specific diagnostic machine, and someone familiar with that vehicle model.."should" register a fault code in one or more of the systems...
There are a few problems that may not register a code, a FEW, however.
-IF fault repeatable, and on demand, should be possible to sort..
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