I also vote the new site COLD

    Bring back what we were all used to!


    I like it, makes a change, nice how you can sort by deal type.. Just take some getting use to, good to have a change from time to time

    It wasn't broken so why try and fix it? Thumbs down for me.

    It is a horrendous design! I will give it a few days of browsing around it to get a feel for it but I don't think I will change my mind.

    Seems very confused and slow to me, not a good first impression at all. There's text on top of other text, the old site was much easier to navigate round right from the off. This reminds me of that other dogs dinner MSE now. Hope it gets better......soon!!

    I thought I'd come to the wrong site. This is amateur-hour stuff

    i dont like it at all

    Not working well for me.
    I am a tester by trade and this rabble looks pretty untested to me.
    No one likes change but it's made worse when it's poorly implemented.

    New design looks a mess, what a shame. There was nothing wrong with the old site at all.

    What the ?
    I cant find anything and what I am finding is that all the text is running into each other this is terrible I do not like it one bit Please go back to the old version


    Now I know why the site was down last night!!!!

    It may prove to be better - but at the moment, its definately not clear!!!

    Too much text everywhere. I find the forum harder to read and too confusing with the "hot", "new", "discussed", "custom" tabs

    if somthings not broke DONT F"$%ING FIX IT
    NEXT THREAD loosing members by the thousands

    Totally agree, this is all screwed up and nowhere to complain other than creating hundreds of threads about it

    Why is my screen all screwed up viewing these threads? The replies etc? Everyone else getting the problem??

    I liked the old one better as well. All deals take a bigger space on the screen and I find it harder to find the unrated deals (as opposed to all new posts). I might get used to it but so far I am not convinced.

    This is now very old fashioned early internet stuff to me. The whole site looks like it has been made from a cheap template that none programmers use with their hosting packages to setup a quick 'about me' website.

    At least the old website had character and it was unique in it's own way, this one is not only difficult to navigate but it looks complete and utter garbage, what a mess. You really have took a leap 7 years backwards with this old fashioned design.

    nothing wrong with new design. i find it harder to find old threads to report how the deals finished.


    looks like someone has been ill all over my screen :?

    Thumbs down from me - and they didn't even warn anyone? Are they trying to be more like Feed Me Deals?

    Too early to change over as this new site is not ready yet, too many errors. I guess we are all beta testers now

    Most of the search bar is behind the "Custom" tab so you can't see what you have typed !

    I Preferred the old layout a lot better...this is just to confusing :? :thinking:

    preferred the old site, it was nice and simple

    This new format is horrid. It does not display correctly in FireFox!

    Bring back the old site.

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][/SIZE][/FONT]

    From my experience this is the typical reaction to change. The people running the site are trying to improve the features and usability. Old members won't give it a chance and instantly react negatively to change. Show a new user both versions and you'll often get a completely different reaction.

    I don't like the design of the home page, it looks far too bloggy. But I definitely like the "New" section rather than having to go through the forums. The search on the old site was my biggest problem, I'm hoping the new advanced search will sort these issues out, but I've yet to use it. I'd like to be able search through the deals history in the style of the home page. I HATE having to use the forums to find deals.

    The forums are completely broke on Firefox for me. But I have faith the guys will get it fixed. Looks like it's been launched too early.

    wow, cam on this morning and all change! Seems very much slower than the old site and harder to navigate. Bring back the old site

    I don't use MSE because its too hard to find thing on there and this is what the new design reminds me of, will give it a go though but I can't see the new design being very popular at all, bring back the old !!

    Old site back please, dont like the new site seems very hadr to view the deals when you have seen the old site and layout, its annoying all pictures are on the right hand side and are so much smaller than before, loads text and its much smaller harder to read it and browse through, i am not enjoying the browse around on the old site it wasjoy joy joy easy to view and find deals.

    Can Anyone Reccomend A Different Forum + A Website With Lists Of Vouchers As They Have Dissapeared

    I don't like it, but I'll give it a chance. I just hope everyone else who doesn't like it will have a similar reaction before I'm left on my own here :O

    Please sort it out , I don't think I could ever use this site and feel comfortable. I am off the site for today, might try tomorrow and see if there is any improvement.:x

    I can't even submit a deal useing firefox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:x

    I just posted on the end of another Topic my dislike of this new HUKD. It just shows how hard it is to find anything now. can't find any of the threads I have been following, I am so addicted to this site but soon won't be i I can't find anything.

    Pleeeease bring back the old way all other forums are in text and list form, this is going backwards not forwards.

    COLD - website seems slow to navigate and slow response, even in text mode.

    Don't like the default of showing ALL new topics, even requests and chats - the old website just showed alll NEW deals - much better.

    Why do it just before Christmas also ????????????

    The admins should have hired someone who knows about usability to design the site. Yes the web 2.0 style is nice but it's all been poorly thought out.

    Bring back the old sight until you can actually create a usable website.

    i dont like it. i feel like crying!

    i think it should be new year new site! and maybe let people choose what site they use untill then so we can try it out!

    Dont like it full stop!!!

    I hate it, will have to find somewhere else.

    Can't find anything & so slow

    same here i hate this new site


    okay the front page is nice I appreciate why you would change that, it certainly looks very web 2.0 etc but the forum lay out is awful!

    Stick to an unmodified V Bulletin Skin not this custom (messy) one, that was pretty much the most efficient way to browse a forum remember that people who only browse the front page and these who use the forums are two different groups, at least give people the option to revert to the old view if nothing else.

    okay "text only" is better but still!
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