Found 5th May 2007
oh dear

ive been a bit daft

i was on the xbox earlier (10 min) i had the pc on dling some stuff so i thought if would post this just incase anyone wants to know

half way through a online game my battery died

so i went to open my new rechargable kit and cut my finger

now ive had a few beers so i thought nothing of it

ive just noticed blood on the floor and i noticed a bigger gasg on a other findger

it was the sort of cut that when you spot it yo realise it hurts

well it does hurt - so i went to get a plaster

now as it happens my missus iis alergic to the adhesive in plasters so we dont tend to have manty in the house

well i found one that was quite big

so i puut it on my finger - and realsied it needed cutting down to size

i started cutting it down and gues what

you got it - ive cut my finger even more

help me#

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how many beers did you have?

Original Poster

ive had enough so i can ttpe using other fingers!

Original Poster

personallyi blame this site for giving me good lager deals + asda for haivng becks on offer

also i am [laying oblivion on the 360 and im not sure what is happening

do you think it needs medical attention?

Original Poster

no its fine - the 2nd blow was just a scratch - the first is quite a deep paper/plastic cut

it will be reet wi a bit o lard!

thanks for the concern though - i just cant believe i was so daft as to cut the plaster whilst i was wearing it

10 min then im off up the wooden hill
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