i am already a customer with virgin and have L BB, XL TV and XL phone, how do i get the netbook

    I have tried reading the site but it says £20 a month, which means nothing to me as I already a customer.
    Any ideas please of how much I have to spend to get it?


    is it new customers omly?

    read the thread?

    you need to take a new 24 month contract out by the looks of it, phone them and see if they will give you one.

    im tempted to do it myself, just took out a new 12 onth one last week.
    didnt even know about it, how much is the netbook thingy worth?
    i take it you kust you it to go surfing cant use it to do PC type stuff?

    Netbook is now only for;
    taking out 24 months contract on Mobile BB @ £15/month for 3gb. Plus one off £50 charge AND £14.99 delivery according to twitter team.
    The previous £50 for XXL customers is over apparantly.
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