I am back

After one ban and 4 weeks with no internet.



welcome back :evil:


Welcome Back

woohoo...hurray.... :roll:

Happy to see you back redranger

welcome back!

Welcome back (whoever you are!):thumbsup:

Welcome back! I was so glad to be back after a 1 week ban recently. Seems the mods are ban happy these days

Good to see Redranger and pinkkitty back, missed you guys!

Welcome back! How come you had no internet, you're not a redten customer too are you??

WELCOME HOME, I MEAN BACK, Really pleased to see you here again Redranger86 ................... Have we met ? ;-)

Welcome back



Why were you banned

welcome back

Hello ...:p

welcome back:)

Original Poster

you remember the competition to win tickets for the play.com games live thing.

Well i did it and my GF was like cool so she signed up and did it to staright after me and so it flaged that i was multiple IDing and thus i was banned.


Original Poster

Ps thanks for the warm welcome back

Good to see all my favs again

welcome back
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