i am confused dot dot dot... looking for pc monitor- 22 inch- budget 140 quid

    Hello experts,
    I am looking for a reliable pc monitor (oh tft) for general use- no gaming; mainly surfing net and esp hotdeals
    i have read quite a few threads.. all i have understood is resolution & contrast should be high. how about this one:…tml
    or are there any better ones. advice will be much appreciated.
    many thanks,


    I think your advice is a bit out of date there, with TFTs the resolution is the same for 99% of the monitor of each size, it can even be the same across sizes. Higher contrast is good, but these days just ignore the figure. Between dynamic not-really-contrast and contrast measurements made at eye-searing brightness the statistic is next to worthless.

    Basically from the specs you can't tell whether a monitor is excellent or a lemon.

    At that price I would normally recommend going down to a 20" for general use since it's the same resolution and you'd get a better monitor for your money but if you're just browsing the net then things like colour accuracy and black depth (contrast) don't really matter and the larger text on a 22" will probably make it better for your use.

    You should be fine with any of the major monitor manufacturers: NEC, BenQ, LG, Dell, Viewsonic, iiyama even Samsung if you can stand the cheap glossy plastic they use.

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    thanks for the advice.
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