I am desperately after an 02 Joggler and they have sold out everywhere, I am gutted, can anybody help, does anybody know anywhere that has stock ??

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Found 27th May 2010
I missed out for the 2nd time on an 02 joggler and now cannot find anywhere with one in stock !!! Help, I really, really WANT one.

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where are you located? they had some few days ago in brent cross london

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I am in Oxfordshire, I went into Aylesbury and they have sold out as well !! Not a happy person


I am in Oxfordshire, I went into Aylesbury and they have sold out as well … I am in Oxfordshire, I went into Aylesbury and they have sold out as well !! Not a happy person

I looked at one of these but changed my mind. You can use the O2 calendar online without having the joggler & you can set it to send text message reminders to O2 mobile numbers.

You can also add events to the online calendar from your mobile by sending a text message.

Granted you need to have pc/laptop on to view the calendar online & it may not be as easy to add an event via text.

Personally I couldn't get on with the calendar & found Google calendar to be a better option. I'd try using the online calendar 1st to see if it does what you need it to do & then buy the joggler if you think you'd benefit from it.

Try FS/FT if you havn't already, people were selling on there after realising that when you put Linux on it you are still tied to the wall.

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Tried that, thank you anyway. Sharon xx

I am tempted to flog mine, ebay get good prices...
Also have a very mini SD adaptor and 4gb card with the software on..

Just don't have time to play with it..

i've got mine on ebay as after playing with it for a day or two i got bored really quickly

I have one I don't need. So long as you are happy to pay the £50 plus postage, it's yours.

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Is it new, never used ?? Sharon xx

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I am definately interested in your Joggler, have sent you a PM, please let me know as soon as possible, happy to pay £50.00 plus postage as well. Sharon xx

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Gotta go offline now, I am definately very interested in the Joggler, I will look on here in the morning for messages. Thank you. Sharon xx

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Replied to your PM, would you send it first seeing as you have no feedback as I have already lost monies through sending payment first to somebody with no feedback and really cannot afford to do this again ?? It is common practice for somebody with no feedback to send the item first, I have just a few weeks ago had a playstation 2 for £50.00 sent to me first and then I sent the payment to the seller on here straight away, I have plenty of feedback on here and also on Ebay. Let me know as soon as you can as I definately want the Joggler. Thank you. Sharon xx
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