I am having trouble selling my daughter's nintendo ds lite in pink, am I asking too much ??

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Found 29th Mar 2011
I have advertised it and am looking for £50.00 delivered for it, it comes with charger and 2 x high school musical cases and is in excellent condition. I need to sell it as I bought her a DSi with my money and now need to make as much money back as I spent £75.00 on a DSi for her.


Don't forget the 3ds just came out. That is bound to have an effect on the value of your item.

I sold one with a few games and case for 60 about 2 months ago. Mine was black

I sold the original DS for £40 a couple of weeks ago, so £50-£60 seems a fair price.

£50 sounds spot on

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I really need to sell it as I need the money back from buying her a pink dsi

I got a pink one delivered for £30 off here, a tiny bit of damage (repaired well) with no games right enough and no cases, he wanted £35 but sent it right away with my offer of £30.

2nd look..................it was a ds lite !!!! sorry
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£45ish sounds right....the colour is not helping matters

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Yep, will do, might advertise it on here, not sure yet, will try other places as well. Thank you guys. Sharon xx

Try netmums.com . I have sold a couple of DS Lites on there no problem.

I buy it but is their any scraches on screen

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Sorry, it has been sold on Ebay.
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