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Found 18th Oct 2009
a charger for my sons laptop his is just not working now! its for a medion laptop and the charger says on it model number FSP065-AAC thank you

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Was just about to direct you to the same place damn lol

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thanks guys rep added

lol that's one way of getting round posting an ebay link.

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guys hope i am not being blonde here but its the brick part of the charger he needs thats broken on his is that what i will get if i order the one at 6.49 the top one in the 1st post thanks

personally I wouldn't touch a charger from ebay witha bargepole, often different ratings than specified and could well fry your laptop, proceed with caution, check feedback carefully.

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i did think about it and have decided that while i am in glasgow tomorrow i will take the broken one with me and see if i can get a replacement for it
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