I am looking for a affordable book about Mountain Bike Maintenance

    I know absolute NOTHING about bikes. I just got a cheap second hand one which need some maintenance.

    I am so clueless I feel really bad going into a bike shop and asking questions that don't make any sense. Believe me!

    I would like to understand how it all works and occasionally do the slightly more advanced maintenance jobs.

    I am looking for a affordable book. It has to be very good and have concise instructions and good images to be understanding and that provide proper maintenance information to any useful level.

    What would you recommend?


    Search through the forum, someone put up some great bike maintenace sites not so long ago on here...Never feel silly asking questions. No one knows everything about anything, and even if they think they do, they don't

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    thanks melipona for the link.

    rehydrated, thanks but I can't find the sites. The search and the advanced search are rubbish.

    has anybody subscribed to the threads that rehydrated mentioned? if yes, could you please post the link? Thanks.
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    i guess he means the Hotukdeal Misc forum

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    i guess he means the Hotukdeal Misc forum

    I got that. I meant I could not find the LINKS to the sites. I have used the search but nothing.

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    thanks for the links! (_;)
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