i am looking for a book it's called macclesfield woven pictures by lewis cowen

    i have checked abes and can only find one. which is silly money as he wants just under a thousand dollars for it. can you help me to find one please .


    No luck with the silk museum when you posted before?

    Q. Where can I find out more about Macclesfield Silk Pictures?

    A. A short publication is available from the Silk Museum for £2.50. There is also a book entitled “Macclesfield Woven Silk Pictures” by Louis Cohen, which can also be purchased at the Macclesfield Silk Museum price £12.…htm

    is this it?

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    no but i did buy an old silk family from abes bookshop .that someone on here gave me a link to so thought i would see if anyone knew where i may be able to get this one from as well

    arghh was just going to post exactly the same thing! lol

    This was suggested when OP posted last month so wondered why they didn't get it from there?…re/

    Why am I even on here looking at this?! Must go and do the washing ...

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    thanks but this louis cohen is nt the one i am looking for .i am looking for lewis cowen who did all the history of the silks as i have rang to see if it was a mis spell but isnt .

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    thanks for trying rep left for you both and i will keep searching

    How bizarre, don't get me wrong I'm not doubting you but I can't believe there are 2 different books, both with the same title, one written by lewis cowen and the other by louis cohen??!!! The names are even pronounced the same! How odd! Good luck in your search :thumbsup:

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    1. Macclesfield woven silk pictures
    Lewis Cowen
    Bookseller: Amerigo
    (Köln, NRW, Germany)
    Bookseller Rating: 2-star rating
    Price: £ 535.33
    [Convert Currency]
    Quantity: 1 Shipping within Germany:
    £ 1.84
    [Rates & Speeds] Add Book to Shopping Basket

    At least the postage is cheap!! FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS for a book on silk!!! OMG!
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