I am looking for a couple of things (22" LCD DVD TV & drums for Rock Band 360)

    Does anyone fancy a challenge and helping me in my quest, which has so far alluded my search.

    As the title suggests, I am on the prowl for a 22" LCD TV (preferrably with Freeview & DVD built in), now for the difficult bit, I want to pay sub £150.00

    I have seen these posted as deals previously, however, and as is the case, when I want to buy one, I cant find (a decent) deal.

    Also, I have the portable drum kit for the Rock Band on the 360, and I have seen that frames are available from the US, but was wondering if anyone knew of any deals on the 'proper' drum kits similar to those listed today for the PS3 and Wii (circa £20)

    I would be very grateful for the heads up on any deals in relation to the above,

    Thanks in advance



    Original Poster

    Wow, the silence is deafening....

    cheapest lcd i can see if £175 with freeview and dvd from tescos

    dixons do a refurb 22" for about £150 also worth keeping an eye on the halfcost site
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