I Am Looking For A Good O2 Upgrade Deal..

I am wondering whats the best options on O2 at the moment as m contract is due for renewal...... I have been offered 1000 mins unlimited texts for £25 a month with £150 cashback.
I was also considering the O2 simplicity deals but 100 mins sounds carp.


what handset you on cause theres some pretty good value lower end ones around the 300minute mark, blackberry 300mins everything else inclusive sim only £15, my mate got a iphone 3gs from o2 the other day £20 a month 500mb data 300mins unlimited texts which aint to shabby..

depends you wanna keep your current handset and due you need the internet

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Went for the O2 Simplicity 1 Month contract sim until the iPhone4 tarrifs/upfront payments get cheaper when they have been out a while, it was £15 a month for 300 mins with unlimited landline calls and unlimited texts.
If you set up 10 numbers in a O2 family/friends group you can make unlimited calls and texts to anyone of the 10 people.If any person in your group has no PAYG credit they can still call any of the 10 people in your group you have set up ( Good News For Parents with thier children who have mobiles ) Because this works both ways and it does'nt matter Contract to PAYG or PAYG to Contract....Unlimited Minutes & Texts! the add on can be payable to anyone in your O2 family/friends group for £12.50 a month but I suppose the cost could always be arranged privately to be shared amoungst the group members.
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