I am looking for a Ipod

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Found 24th Sep 2009
has to be pink!

ok i have no idea about technical stuff! i dont like the look of the shuffle and the fat nano (??)

I want a tall skinny pink one, with space for proberly 1000 songs max

anyone point me in the right direction of where to get one / best prices or what it is called that i want, from looking at google images i think its an ipod nano but whats all the 3rd gen, 4th gen etc etc all about?


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You need an iPod Nano they have just released new models.

I would go for the 8GB pink one here is a link direct to Apples website:


You'll see they have a pink one for sale, also you could buy the same iPod at lots of retailers on the high street, like John Lewis, Argos, House of Fraser etc

Make sure its the latest one which has a camera built in for capturing video...also called 5th Generation

In a nutshell a Pink iPod Nano 8gb (giga-byte) 5th Generation

good luck

Original Poster

that is exactly what i am looking for, now just got to try convince the other half that it is a good idea to buy it now and not wait for santa!

repped you both thank you so so so so much!!!!

no problem, message me if you need any more information or help :thumbsup:

Happy early christmas :santa:

btw...you won't find much if any price difference in any shops as new iPod models are typically sold at RRP...the only place you might find a cheaper one would be on eBay and get a slightly older model, although be wary of eBay for fraudulent sellers, probably best stick to shops
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