I am looking for a kitten and wondering if any1 selling any.

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Found 5th Oct 2010
My daughter really wants a kitten so i have gave in and told her she can have one and now cant seem to find any.

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does it have to be alive?

Try the cats protection league, I got my cat from there, she's is the best cat ever!

have you tried a local shelter - they would be over the moon if you offered i am sure (_;)

kittens are mostly seasonal, millions in the spring, not so many this time of year. My big kitten age 9 got in a cat fight recently, cost £226 for the vet to stich his wounds.

My landlord's cat has just had 3... She's not sure whether she's rehoming them or not, but I'll let you know if she does. They're absolutely adorable so I'm hoping she doesn't! Haha!

usually free in the local paper here should be the same for you or try the cats protection league you might be lucky and get one spayed and with innoculations

lol at some of the comments my mates cat has just had kittens that she wants 2 get rehomed, wont b ready 4 few wks yet tho. Where do u live?

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Hi i live in st helens,So u know were that is.

I seen advert in a local newagent,I'm nowhere near you but they were asking £50 each,just regular cute kittens, £50 is quite a bit I was thinking. Maybe £25 more reasonable?

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yes i wouldnt pay 50pound for one dont mind 20-30.thanks though.:)

check your local bin

Oh, I'm in Essex. Bit far?
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