i am looking for a little suitcase suitable to cary books and everything round uni x

    like hand luggage but just a small one like teachers have =]

    wud be a plus if a cool colour =]

    looked everywhere for one just want a cheap one x



    better off with a messenger bag really? hurts to carry stuff around with a handle!

    dont know specifially what you are after, but always check out ebay, and amazon

    Original Poster

    It's like a messager bag but bigger and on wheels lmaoc


    do you want a little wheelie suitcase with the long extending handle?…oxy


    too cruel?

    the one you posted is cute, if you plan to keep if for your 4 years at uni, its worth paying a bit more for something that wont fall apart
    unless of course, you might change your mind for something else later

    Original Poster

    Lmaoo! Xx
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