I am looking for an american style fridge freezer, any good deals going around?

Found 16th Jun 2017
Buying a new house, need an American style fridge freezer, been scouting for a good deal but can't see anything. Budget 400-550. Many thanks for your time.
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Tough to get at that price. What size and capacity of fridge freezer are you looking for?
Do you require instant ice facility?
Reason for asking is that I have found these occupy a lot of of your freezer space and hence you get very little capacity.
Thanks for replying, not bothered about ice/water facility. Size has to be reasonable but I am flexible. Missus has got her head fixed on a American style fridge freezer!
Same, Just bought a place and looking to buy an American Fridge.Freezer, I would agree with Syd realistically you're looking at at £650 -£700 minimum.
Defo worth saving up for the ice maker. getting that made my life complete!!!
Get the Samsung g Series. They are the largest available on the whole market. Worth the extra.
can you link me to any you recommend?
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