I am looking for Deals on Batteries

    That time of year again!!!

    So where is the cheapest deals on at the moment??

    Need most types....


    hi, b&m are selling Duracell 12 batteries . 2 packs for £8.00 AA & AAA thats cheap and other sizes too .

    If AA get lithium i sell them in camera shop they are pricey but last an incredible length of time dont leak as solid metal and way way lighter

    if you know anyone who has a Costco member ship they had the following in the mailing which starts on 15th December and runs till 31st December:

    Duracell Ultra Power:

    20 AA - £9.88 inc VAT
    16 AAA - £7.63 inc VAT

    Not sure how good a deal but thought I would share the info.

    Check out this link…0kr
    £9.99 for 20 AA and 40 AAA
    They also do 100 AAA or AA for £14.99
    They run all the childrens toys etc and last

    For a mixed pack I posted this recently.…275

    Ideal when you need different sizes.

    I've just bought 8 duracell AAA and 8 duracell AA batteries from ebay £8 they came the day after I ordered too

    Are any rechargeable on offer? Surely they are a better option?

    Some good ones in wilko especially there own brand i got some big D cells 2 for 95p last week



    Are any rechargeable on offer? Surely they are a better option?

    Depends what you use them for.
    I tend to have a supply of both types.

    Just in general really, tend to be for remotes and games controllers. Was asking to add on to the original question not meaning to hijack it also btw. had 12+12 Philips Power Alkaline AAAs for £1, they only have the 12 packs left. Downside is there's a postage charge, but worthwhile if you're putting an order in there. Their stock changes every day, so they may well reappear, as often happens on there.…ies
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    Avoid Poundland. Bought 16x Kodak AA batteries for £1. They had no charge or very little charge.

    Thought Kodak was a brand name but waste of money even if it was just £1


    AA lithium will outlast rechargeables three or four times over way less hassle
    Lazy old man me zzzzzz
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