I am looking for HOT deals on Fuji Cameras... Please help.

    Looking for a new fuji camera (not a compact small one with 3x optical zoom please!!)
    Something like the S8000fd, S8100fd, S1000fd


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    Try looking at select a model and it will do a price search for you too.

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    What is the diff between refurbished and brand new?

    refurb could be new stock that has been returned by a shop as they cannot sell it or the box may be damaged so they check the camera is ok but then cannot sell it as new or one that has been returned as faulty they then fix it and sell them as refurbs, i have had a refurb from fuji, a refurb from canon and a refurb laptop from pc world all as new but for piece of mind you can take out the extra warranty , i would reccommend a refurb and to be honest at these prices they look very good.

    try [url][/url] for prices on memory cards.bags and of course cameras but they tend to be digital slr's mainly on here .
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