I am looking to buy an iPad

    I am looking to buy an iPad and please don't laugh if it's a stupid questions because i don't have a clue about these things . It is locked on EE but out of contract- cancelled can I just use it on wifi or does it need another contract ? Thanks in advance x


    You can use it on wifi.

    Where are you getting it from - a shop or someone you know?

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    Cex online

    You can use the WiFi function on any device without a contract.. its a device feature not connected to a carrier like EE. if you wish to use a network then insert a pay as you go Sim in it or take out a contract to use it's data etc.

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    Thank you

    Why not get a wifi enabled only one? The one you're are getting is a cellular + wifi which cost more because of the cellular (contract sim) option, if you have no use for this then I'd get just the wifi one!
    Hope this helps
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