I AM NOT A LIAR !!!!!!

    Husband is !!..........well not a liar as such but .......cut a long story short , hubby was on my ebay acc whilst i was at work and he was off , bid on two bikes ( very similiar ) one 99p and other £ ended Sunday night , hubby messaged her our phone number and she phoned straight away to arrange collection for first thing the next morning, ( i was putting kids to bed and getting a shower when all this was going on ),,went to pick bike up as arranged i stayed in car and hubby sorted it ...END OF !!!.................well so i thought , just came on here and got a pm of a very kind member warning me of all the hate, spammed threads, etc ( obviously cant see them , but can guess !! ) and i am gobsmacked !............confronts hubby ( who done the whole deal ) and is now in the doghouse btw ...bigtime !...........and explained the mix up , he thought he had got the 99p one and when he seen how pleased i was his pride got in the way to tell me it was £9.99 ( which is still bloomin brill ) Btw , ive only just found this out since recieving a pm and asking him and feel bloody stupid now !! I would of put the same thread up for £9.99 as i still think its a bargain at that price ,,,but when i was lead to believe it was 99p ........well even bigger bargain ...................oh and i know gonna get the '' yeh , yeh , and Bs comments .............but quite frankly i dont care , i know its the truth and thats all that matters :))



    I never thought you were a lier


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