I am obsessed with this game...

Link in first post.

Post your high scores too!!


just got treefiddy

Original Poster Supermod

black gerbil1;3605755

just got treefiddy

Dont post evidence, I believe you. :thumbsup:

just gt 111


121 - I give up my thumb is hurting (using laptop)

thats quite hard when you only have a laptop, would be easier with a proper mouse

don't like it!

Original Poster Supermod


..26... lol!

Now 62 :-D

Now 75 :-)

Original Poster Supermod


..26... lol!Now 62 :-D

Keep going. Practice makes perfect!!

63 and mous is still not easy



no virgin?

85 hard with laptop

27 - i hate cricket

Original Poster Supermod

black gerbil1;3606229

no virgin?


121 is my best

finaly 360

Im on laptop..

33 -1st

43 - 2nd

56 - 3rd

I am now officially hooked thanks OP :thumbsup: lol

yes just got tree siddy!
u sea wut i did there?
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