I am really disappointed with the sales this year!

    Usually, I can find some great things in the sales. This year, nothing!

    I got a couple of bits in the Boots Online Sale, nothing great though, just a couple of people's brithday presents for the coming next few months.

    Just had a look at the Debenhams Sale and the for the first time in years, I can't find anything I want. The couple of bits I had wanted are not in the sale either.

    The only sale that I have actually managed to find some stuff I want is from Next, and even that was only a few different bits!

    Is it just me or are the sales pretty poor at the moment? Maybe I have lost the will to shop?!?!?!

    Have any of you got something you wanted or just something good in the sales yet then?



    I got some things from Debenhams, mostly clothes for my toddlers- there weren't many sizes available by the time I got to checkout. I started off with £160 worth of stuff but by the time it had removed the newly out of stock items, I only had £70 worth!!

    Just thinking of all the cash you'll be saving then.

    I had a quick look at the online sales yesterday morning. Almost total kak. Argos have some pretty good prices on stoneware dinner sets (if thats your thing), but not a lot else. The trouble is, shops are constantly offering sales throughout the year, so when it comes to traditional 'sale time' it's just more of the same.

    Yep, they are ****.

    i'm thinking they are pretty dismal, my mum said to me no point visiting the town most don't start till tomorrow, and what has already started is awful.

    i think most shops had such a good pre christmas sale therefore the post christmas will not compare.

    Im going to start saving now ready, as next christmas im going to go with my family to euro disney for christmas.


    picked a plasma for £300 was £1200

    Really? What make, model and where did you buy it?

    As for the sales, I bought quite a bit of toys/gifts from the following

    Amazon (pre Christmas) - loads @ 70%-75% off
    Boots - @ 50% off
    Currys - @ 50% off
    Toyshop @ 50% off

    My wife bought some lingerie from La Senza @ 50% off


    picked a plasma for £300 was £1200

    Wow, i'd be interested to know what make, model and where you got such a deal, sure weall would lol

    Had a wasted trip to Boundary Mills today to have a looky, first time I've been and won't be going again. That was after Argos and Comet, where I bought a couple of things that were a good price.

    Off tomorrow somewhere else to find some "bargains", those things you wouldn't buy at any other time but just "have" to cos they are in the sale ... *ahem*

    I have to agree with you. I have been today at Birmingham City Centre. Nothing special ?

    The real " Sales " start at the end of February, start of March when the Credit Card bills land on the doorstep.

    January " Sale " prices are usually the pre-Christmas inflation prices re-instated.:whistling:
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