Posted 25th Jan 2023 (Posted 5 h, 43 m ago)
I don’t feel like I’ve ever experienced a winter like the one we are in currently. I feel like everyday in this cold weather is shortening my life expectancy by 6 months.

I am seriously considering immigrating as I don’t know if my body can take these conditions.
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    Maybe you're SAD. Seasonally Affected Disorder is a real thing and can make you depressed in the winter.

    NHS advice on S.A.D.
    This sounds like me, I pretty much lose motivation in the winter
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    You have experienced winters like this,it's just that you think each year is worse than before. Also the press etc always hype it more than it really is.
    You're probably right. Each and every winter many of us are amazed by how cold and dark it's become. I think if we remembered this happens every year, we'd probably consider moving to warmer climate, but by the time it's spring we forget...
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    I swear in the 80s & 90s we didn't have these sub zero temperature's at night constantly! Brrrr!
    We're all getting soft these days, when I was a kid we only had single-glazed windows and ice used to form on the inside overnight.
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    Anonymous User
    But, it's been a relatively mild winter. Apart from a tiny bit of snow and/or cold weather.

    Sure, maybe not quite as mild as the last few years, but still nothing too drastic.
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    It's not even that cold and we all have boilers and double glazing, life is extremely easy here in winter, man up or woman up I guess (edited)
    Yeah I remember it being colder before double glazing and decent boilers. But then I also expect it to be somewhat cold in winter, because it's winter. (edited)
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    Just feel lucky you don't live in Scandanavia or Canada at this time of year
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    I expect a too hot post on here come July/August!
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    I reckon it seems pretty tame, yeah it's been cold last couple of but sure it's been way colder between November - January a few years back, by now haven't we usually had loads of snow. Just beast from the east 2023 to look forward to.
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    Agreed, it hasn't even been that cold. Hardly a winter.
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    Do you have underlying health issues?
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    I like the cold as much as the warmth, I especially like winter fashion and the black silouhettes of the trees against the pastel coloured skies so pretty. If its cloudy and dull I just binge watch a TV show or have a Playstation session, happy days!
    black silouhettes of the trees against the pastel coloured skies so pretty

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    I think its the variation in temperatures that probably make you feel worse, one day its -1 then a couple of days later its 10.
    Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen the temperature in double digits
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    I hate the winter too
    horrible and makes you depressed😞
    What’s worse is my house is extremely cold!!!!
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    Depends where you live, it's currently 2c here going upto 6c later I don't find that over cold for this time of year.
    4 currently, up to 10c later. Warm winter so far. Wet, but warm.
    It's winter.
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    GO FOR IT !!
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    I thought this has been a very mild winter apart from the crazy week in December and the last few days.
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    It's about humidity and dampness along with mud and annoying rainfall. In Ukraine I experienced -23° and I was fine,because over there the snow was actually snow and drier than UK. Surely as an Italian I miss brighter sunnier days in all 4 seasons compared to UK.
    Just eat good and drink even better and think Viking-alike (growing a savage beard is highly recommended as well).
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    Yesterday it was so warm I had to take my sweatshirt off and just wear a T-Shirt and jacket, and even then I was sweating, and I saw someone out walking in just a T-Shirt- and this is up in Aberdeen! Last week there was sheet ice everywhere. The sun comes and goes...
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    need to do something to get those endorphins flowing
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