I am really not looking fwd to my holiday

Right, so a few mates and I are going to Brighton for a couple of days. We aim to reach there Sat morning, stay there the night and the come back sunday. A couple of them have already booked themselves into the cosmopolitan hotel, which has the worst reviews ever. No more rooms left there.

I have been looking at places to stay for around £100 or less for the one night, and there arnt any close to the Cosmopolitan. All of them need a 2 night stay.. really.. !!
I mean i know it makes some business sense.. but its turning out to be a hell of an expensive weekend to be in brighton, considering I can be in amsterdam for a bit more, or soemthing like that!!

I am really not looking fwd to Brighton even though I havaent been there.. I hate rip offs, and the place looks like its full of it.. Any suggestions as to what or where I could book a place.. Even the bloomin hostels have a 2 day minimum stay!! I am ttempted to just sleep in my car and show the biggie to the hotels as I make my point in the cold!!

Any help would be repped!!


brighton is on the london main train line- you could get one just outside of brighton and get the train abck to teh hotel in the evening

How about a B&B or kip on a mates floor! The staff woulsn't notice.

Just sleep on the beach like in Quadrophenia, wheres your sense of adventure? lol

There will be loads of Hotels & B&B's there this time of year ... wouldn't worry too much
have you tried searching here travelsupermarket.com/tra…e=5

have you looked on tripadvisor.co.uk ?
lets you search prices aswell etc, and have reviews, is pretty useful.

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yeah I've done all of it.. nearly all of them need a 2 night stay.. I mean its ridiculous!! Brighton doesnt welcome the over night traveller at all!! The Hotels which do let you book 1 night are either £200+ or are the dumps and charge £120-£150... i mean Why should I pay that kinda money for a sh£t hole!! Doesnt make any sense to my why people bother going there..!! I am sure the people in Brighton are nice, but I am already getting a dislike to the businesses there!!

There must be a travelodge near by

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yeah but the idea is to stay close by to my mates.. I mean whats the point of going if they are staying miles away... we'd spend the entire trip just travelling from one place to another!!


Go on Laterooms.com
Hotels allocate a limited number of rooms to Laterooms, so you might be able to get a one night stay.


The Umi hotel is only a little way away-

ring the hotels you fancy? tell em the situation(not that you think Brighton is a rip-off! lol)
I dont know if you have called the cosmopoloitan but if not do it first and see if maybe they can add a bed to a room? or change a room? worth a go..

I live about 15 miles outside of Brighton and now avoid it like the plague, since they gave it the 'city' status it seems to have really gone downhill, prefer your idea of Amsterdam.:thumbsup:
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