I am shocked! Where is the daily query about firewalls / TVs / Flights etc.....

    I checked the forum today and was very surprised that there wasn't the regular daily NEW threads along the lines of:-

    Whats the best firewall?

    Whats the best antivirus?

    Whats the best TV on a budget?

    Where can I find a cheap flight?


    I appreciate the search function on this site is ridiculous, but surely we dont need the above same questions posted nearly every single day. Maybe if we stopped replying to them, then people might actually use the search. The amount of very simple questions asked on this site where google gives you the answer with a quick search is ridiculous.

    It just seems people think to post the question on here before even thinking of google and whilst I have no problem helping legitimate questions, it does become annoying to see the same old questions being posted every single day!

    Rant over now


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    How could I also forget the other common classic:-

    Should I get a 360 or a PS3?


    So where is the best place for cheap flights???? LOL

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    So where is the best place for cheap flights???? LOL

    Dont get me going again lol :-D

    Or even a "new ebay feedback" thread!

    ? and on the same level people making statements wo reading the previous post/thread

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    bod emrys;2160408

    LOL - yeah I did spot those but am choosing to not even view them now :-D

    We still haven't had our daily "Whats the best anti-virus proggy?" yet. Its only a matter of time ;-)
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