I am sure I heard there is a website that can change all your direct debits to one account?

    basically I am thinking of combing mine and my partners accounts into one is there a online website that allows you to do this?


    Open a joint account and move them all over?

    Wouldn't trust a website to take all my bank details tbh.

    Not quite what you are looking for but something similar. Never used it personally but some of my mates use it.


    There is no website that will transfer all of your Direct Debits to a different account, but your bank can. They use a system called ToDDaSO (Transfer of Direct Debits and Standing Orders), you would need to speak to thw bank who you hold the account with which you want to transfer your Direct Debits to. However, if you are changing the name on the account (for example if you are putting a water account from one name into joint names) this will require a new Direct Debit mandate to be set up, in which case speak to the company you are paying by Direct Debit.
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