I am the best and you can't handle the truth

    I am Zcgby03 and you have been owned by me for arriving here badluck

    -simplyjimbo is a minion and likes publicising my amazing page.

    If you would like to stay, please read the comments underneath and if you are confused about whats happening, please leave feedback and your £1 bag without postage insurance will get lost in the post or stolen by Misfits.

    Enjoy your stay and remember that a carrier bag is just as cheap.


    Complain, and you may get a voucher for your troubles.

    Asking this to be moved to "]Misc", which is the correct forum for this thread.

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    I had the same thing last year, they even araned delivery twice and didn't turn up, because the goods were 90% off I smelled a rat and eventually they told me they took too many orders so mine was cancelled. I think th staff had them as the order had to be phoned through and the woman on the other end was acting very weird, I even heard her mention the price to her friend, in the end I only got a couple of quid even though I waited in twice.

    By all means complain to Tesco but it's not against the law and it's certainly nothing to do with trading standards!

    The answer would be within Tesco's terms and conditions, which I have not read, but would either say something along the lines that there is no contract between you and Tesco until despatch of the goods, or that they have the right to cancel the contract at any time before delivery and to refund you your money.

    Disappointing? Yes, very much so. Illegal? Not a chance.


    Boo Hoo

    move on.

    Good on you, keep on trying!!

    beat ya brother up and take his, sorted

    Go instore and ask to see the Customer Services Manager and voice your concerns. I am sure they will point you in the right direction, but dont take anything lying down....make a fuss in front of people...they will not want any bad publicity!! By phoning around, not only are you wastin money on calls, but wasting your time as you will be passed from one person to another. Good Luck



    errr yeah something to add, they suddenly changed the order date to 3 … errr yeah something to add, they suddenly changed the order date to 3 days later and it doesnt make sense because payment went out of my credit card before the order date?!?! There is something fishy going on and they are trying to cover it up except I have written proof (emails). The fact that they gave a monitor to my brother who ordered it after me (I have his confirmation email) is proof that they are lieing! They have also raised the price of the monitor so I am going to fight them until they give in to my demands!

    you'll just be wasting their time, and yours. They are quite within their rights to cancel orders.

    Tesco do this thing called 'Price Promise' which means if something is advertised as on offer @ £xx price and they don't have any in stock then they will give you a written piece of paper (can only be issued by the Store Manager) to say if they come back in stock after the offer has finished within however many days, they will honour the offer price. So, you could try that and say you bought in good faith at whatever price and it's not your fault there were problems etc
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