Posted 11th Sep 2022
Frozen chicken is often pumped full of water/other ingredients so the weight is bigger.
But I want to buy just normal chicken breast withouth that.

Waitrose seem to sell it but I cannot see that anyone else do. (And obiviously Waitrose are quite expensive...)

Does anyone know of anyone apart from Waitrose that sell it? A lot of supermarket websites seem ambigous about it.
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    Go direct to a butcher rather than a supermarket.
    Still doesn't mean it isn't free of added water....
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    These people have been around a while:…tml
    -no added water or salt!
    -We vacuum-pack our chicken to ensure that the product stays fresh. This also means that we don't have to add salt, water or preservatives to our chicken.
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    It's not just water that's injected into the meat to bulk up the weight, it's has a preservative in the water to make it last longer on the shelf. Without this the chicken will only last a day or so.
    I am looking for frozen chicken though
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    Musclefood. Had 5kg of chicken breasts delivered yesterday. Great quality
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    If you can access a Costco account then the quality of all their meat is generally good.
    Unfortunately the choice these days is pay to include water, or pay a lot for actual meat.
    However, Waitrose are not expensive. Judge their meat before judging the price.
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    Have you tried body building websites for protein food? eg chicken.
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    Depending on quantities required, Iceland, farm foods, freezer centre, tesco, sainsburys, lidl, Aldi, local butchers, local Ethnic shop or supermarket, Food wholesalers like bookers or Costco etc.
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    Can confirm this. I pressure cooked some supermaket breasts last week (first time i tried in instant pot) and what i was left with was a portion for 1. All the water from the chicken had gone into the sauce. It was only noticeable because in the pressure cooker everything stays in it, where before i was cooking on gas i didnt see it evaporate lol. (edited)
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