I am trying to fix a Xbox260 Elite for a friend that is RROD.

    The XBOX360 has a busted warranty sticker.

    I have tried tightening the heatsink down, tried new paste. Tried the xclamp kit. Works for a while and then goes again.
    Even tried letting it burn for a while,

    Any other ideas?


    xbox260? whats that?

    What's the secondary error code? I'm assuming you got this before doing any of the above?

    Dont be so picky



    xbox260? whats that?

    An Xbox260 is like an Xbox360, but has three flashing red lights :-D lol

    Sorry couldn't resist it

    yes headmaster


    Do not try to sell anything in misc forum, OP if you wish to purchase anything from one of our members then please have your thread moved to FS (You'll need to use the report button)

    With regards to the warranty sticker issue, that's something I need to chat about with the team before giving an opinion

    Slightly off topic - but relevant to OP as he is doing this for afriend.

    beware if you call Microsoft and the unit is registered under s different name they will change details and then tell you your warranty is void!

    This applies to the extended warranty too as they state the warranty is only for the original buyer.. so get your friend to call them and use his details.

    Theyll try anything to wriggle out of their faulty products service!
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