I am uni - A campaign for inspirational and positivity

    Hi guys,

    Im not sure if this is allowed in these forums (mods please remove if this is against rules and let me know what options i have) :-)

    I am part of a campaign named 'i am uni'.
    Our focus is to inspire positive messages of inspiration into individuals. Although there is not a lot we can do about the troubles across the globe at the moment, we can still make ourselves heard. Our facebook group shows this:…ome

    The amount of GUN and KNIFE crime in the UK, the CREDIT CRUNCH and the GLOBAL economy... the WAR going on in the MIDDLE EAST and the constant FEAR of a terrorist threat.

    A time for unity is needed...
    Our Aim:

    We want to see a society where individuals are inspired to achieve their full potential, no matter what their circumstance. To do this, we have four objectives:

    - To unite communities by creating innovative events showcasing iconic stars as supporters of our campaign.

    -To work alongside charities and voluntary campaigns supporting their efforts to the cause.

    - To identify that a simple facebook group can show each person has the ability to make themselves heard.

    - To raise motivation within people that feel pressure and stress from the current stage in their life.

    Please post your views and click the link and join if you have facebook.

    Thanks for your support

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