I appologise in advance but feel I must show off! saved at least £1155

    A stated I picked up my fiat test drive and went to connect fest. Free tickets were gone but bumped into a band who were leaving and they gave us their VIP passes. once in we met friends who had won a myhab hut, In another VIP area with showers etc. We never took a tent or anything so were thankful. once in there we found 3 empty huts and moved in.

    The tickets should have been £170 each not VIP, 3 of us got in. The huts were £200 each, once again got 3, The car was free obviously, as was the petrol as they said dont bother refilling. The parking should have been £15 somehow we avoided that,

    Just dropped the car off covered in mud as it was a mud fest. thank god for the huts and showers! Even with that it was the best fest I've been to in years amazing venue, like something out a fairytale and the people were fantastic. I recommend everyone go!!!

    Including booze between the 3 of us we spent £100. £20 of that on the way home.

    HA HA!!!!!

    Totally chuffed!


    Not bad! :thumbsup:

    what was the car like?

    Original Poster


    what was the car like?

    Actually a really good drive. 17" rims and full sport package. owned 2 fiats in the past which were both buckets but this was in a different class altogether. I didnt even get the hard sell as I explained I've booked the renault test drive for next week and was shopping around. If I was considdering buying a car I may have been interested. :-D

    Thats 'ludichris'! :shock:


    Nice one!

    Original Poster


    Thats 'ludichris'! :shock::lol:Nice one!


    Still grinnin from ear to ear!


    cheers mate

    NIce, what were the huts like?

    Original Poster


    NIce, what were the huts like?

    Mainly cardboard cover so can be recycled, around a solid plastic frame. sleep 3 comfortably. thick floor with safe built in and a giant mattress!

    never sleepin in a tent again!
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