i bought ...

Tevion DVD Multimedia Micro when it was in sale in aldi before crimbo, and the audio and video keep falling out of sync. no matter whether watching via dvd or usb...

Any one else had this problem? HELP!


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Is it on every file you watch?

Does it also happen on genuine DVDs?

It may just be that the files your watching are encoded at a rate the DVD player can't read well enough you will occasionally get it on a few multi-format players.

Do the files play fine on a PC?

TBH Tevion stuff is pretty naff, cant remember one thing I have come across that hasn't fallen over withing the first year from Car Radios, TVs and DVD Players.

I eventually stopped buying DVD players from ALDI and bought them from LIDL I found that they were much better (still built to cost) but the most recent one I bought plays everything even accepts my 16GB USB stick, has HDMI out, VGA out and that was only £30ish

Might be worth taking it back if your still within time rather than sticking with it
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