I Bought a faulty xbox 360 off Ebay using paypal and the guy is reluctant to refund me?

Okay, so i bought a flashed 360 off ebay and tried it out. It works okay but their is a fault that when i put the discs in it takes several times to actually work. It will say open tray as if no disc is in tehre or will crash on reading. Finally, when i get it to work like 1 hour into it it will say disc is unreadable. Anyway, it doesnt state this fault in the description but he does state the xbox comes with a 1 month warranty in which he will fix any faults that occur during this period. I sent him a message and he is trying to make me pay him 25 quid + postage for a new drive which works. This isn't on so i told him i won't pay it since he offered a warranty with the product. Any ideas?


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Also he told me it was a 'weak laser' in the console which is causing the problems just to let you know. Thanks


Also he told me it was a 'weak laser' in the console which is causing the … Also he told me it was a 'weak laser' in the console which is causing the problems just to let you know. Thanks

If he didn't describe those problems in his auction then its his bloody fault :oops:

Ask the seller for a refund if thats wot you want, and if they refuse then file a dispute with PayPal. State clearly the fault with the item and that it was significantly not as described from the original listing. you will have to return the item at your own expense and make sure you are able to track the delivery in order to proove the return. then you should get a refund from PayPal.

get paypal onto case

Go through paypal resolution and file a report that the item is not as described. Its a long process to get your money back so only do it if the seller refuse to refund or fix the problem.

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yeah i kind of want to keep the item so im gonna keep on trying for him to fix it first, if no luck then ill file a dispute... Will let you know how it gets on. In the meantime any other suggestions?

Which games are you using? your own burnt backups?


In the meantime any other suggestions?

Yes, read the auction description carefully before you bid next time. The seller didn't describe the problem in details but he did warn you about the weak laser. Others who read it probably ran after reading about the problem and/or lower their bids because of it.

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no, he supplied me with them

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and also no he didnt warn me about the weak laser in the description - he told me that in a message after i told him the fault

Try some games burnt to better quality discs, Ive learnt to pay more for blanks as cheaper ones gave me the same messages

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i researched it and even told him that it could well be the discs already, and he assured me that it wasnt the discs. I dont know how to burn xbox 360 games etc so if someone could send me a quality one then i would be very grateful.. just to see if it works..

Paypal is the way to go. Even if he "fixes" it, you will be out of pocket on the postage and his warranty will expire so he won't fix it again and you'll be much worse off.

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hmmm, yeah well we'll see how it goes to whether or not ill file a dispute because overall the product is good.. just this fault although it is a big fault.

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and yes i have sent him anotehr message just waiting on a reply

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any more ideas or any1 willing to give me a good quality backup to try :P

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you can likely fix the drive yourself just by giving the pot a little tweak. just google 360 pot mod. for instructions. burning 360 games isn't hard. get an iso, check it's verified stealth, then burn it at 2.4x using imgburn

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im not very technically qualafied

do NOT try and fix it yourself This is a faulty drive, the laser is going for sure. There may be a short term fix where it will work for a few weeks but this drive will die eventually. Once his "one month" warrenty runs out then you're screwed. Get a refund and if you must have a flashed 360 get another one.

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cheers for the help everyone

mine does exactly what you are describing on certain discs but not at all on others , change brand and burn slow. verbatim for me every time.

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