I bought a new Samsung tv - advice/help please

Posted 13th May
Samsung 43” 4k UHD HDR

I’ve had the tv for about 2 months, bought from a deal on here, from BT shop

I’ve begun to notice these lines across the screen, sometimes faint, sometimes thin & black

I’ve provided a picture
you can see a line going through the ball, but sometimes there’s another that appears above, and below it

I just wondered if it’s something I can change in the settings? (currently on default)

or if I have any rights to a return & refund

many thanks for any help
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Return it it's faulty had same trouble with hisense line at top of screen got a refund for it.
The rights are on your side it's still in warranty
This is common with Samsung's unfortunately. Return it, it's a faulty screen. Had the same issue, but I'll give Currys their due, it was fixed asap.
thank you folks

I just found the policy
for a refund, I had to claim within 14 days

as it’s been 2 months, I’m only entitled to a repair or replacement
Phone Samsung they did diagnostic over phone with me and organised a replacement..
I managed to log in to my account on bt shop, and it says I can have a refund or replacement , I just need a fault number from Samsung

I would have left it, because I hate the hassle, but I’m worried it will get worse
and now that I know that the line is there, it’s all I see when I watch TV, like I find myself looking for it, to see if it’s gone
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