i bought argos value duvet yesterday its damage i opened the packaging can i get a refund

Found 10th Aug 2016
Hello please help me, I have bought Argos value king size duvet but the 2 sides of the duvet is tear it's like the duvet has not been sew properly and you can see its inside and the inside polyester also it didn't fit my duvet cover properly, my question is can I get a refund for it if I bring it back today and it's out of the plastic packaging I have the package with me.
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As long as you still have the receipt, I don't see why not?
Of course you can!
Ok thank you yes I have the reciept thank you very much from your reply
If its damaged and you didn't cause that damage then you can get a refund. just stand your ground if they're being funny.
Ok thank you yes the two sides of the duvet exactly shows that its mistake of sewing that it didn't went through end of duvet and some fillings are out from that area it shows exactly that's thier mistake. I was like it's ok I will sew these areas but when I put it on my duvet cover it was not fit the duvet cover properly so the sizing was also abit small, I think it's better to get a refund I'm sure I can find another good duvet for the price I paid £9.50.
yes, if you by a brand new item and it is damaged you are entitled to a refund.
You didn't knowingly buy an item that was reduced price because of that defect, right?
Yes thank you all for the information because I haven't did a refund before so I didn't knew i can get a refund after unpackaging the item and its faulty I can still get a refund.
Missionary sorry I didn't get what you mean? I checked a lot for a cheap duvet for our guests so I read the reviews of this duvet it looked quite cheap and nice for me but after buying it was faulty and still I was accepting it but after putting it n the cover it was smaller in the size than other king duvets so I thought no I don't want this now
You're fine you can get a refund. but I'd recommend a duvet with a cotton cover mine are all primark ones and I think the king size is about £16 but it washes well and is very comfortable. We use the 13.5tog ones
Thank you adhkarzf I will keep in mind this and will go for that when I get a refund it's better to buy something which should be comfortable and the right size of the duvet cover.
Thank you all
fantastic returns policy at argos.i'v took stuff back,and most of the time they dont look for the damage,and quibble free.xxxx

fantastic returns policy at argos.i'v took stuff back,and most of the … fantastic returns policy at argos.i'v took stuff back,and most of the time they dont look for the damage,and quibble free.xxxx

But how can you fit the duvet back in the bag once its been unrolled and expanded (_;)
you had to take it out of the bag to put it on your bed,thats when you seen it was damaged,take the bag with you,but i wouldnt worry about trying to put it back.that have'nt got a leg to stand on regarding the bag.
like i said,they'v always been great with me,and sometimes just browsing in the box to make sure there's something there.but dont lose your temper,that will never get you anywhere,politeness wins everytime.hope that has helped.
happy shopping.
Yes today I got a refund and naught another quality one, they were so nice and behave so good they even didn't ask anything else when I showed them it's like this so they happily accepted and said sorry.
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