I can guess what youre thinking

Think of a number between 1 and 10
multiply it by 9
You now have a two digit number (unless you picked 1, in which case you will have 09)
add the two digits together
now take away 5
correspond that number with the letters of the alphabet eg. A=1, B=2 etc, keep going until you have a letter
Think of a country beginning with that letter
Using the second letter in that country think of an animal beginning with that letter
Scroll down to see your answer
Thats funny, they dont have Elephants in Denmark


somone posted this earlier!!


somone posted this earlier!!

That is how they know what you are thinking:-D


And I was thinking of a Jaguar in Djibouti

why is that funny ?

number 2: 2x9 = 18
- 5 = 13

13th letter M
Country = Madagascar
Second letter: A
animal with A: Antelope...

i'm missing something

you forgot to add the two digits together, that should be 18, 1+8 = 9, 9-5=4 etc


add the 1 and 8
4th letter d

are there opposums in the dominican republic?

hahaha. Bet you can also guess what we thought after we'd thoiught that.

Opposums are everywhere that there are zoos. If the D.Republic has a zoo .....:)

i'd picked elephant seal ... do I win ?

Do you have oppossums zoopakev?

its just the way I walk ... :whistling:

strange i chouse Dominican Republic and animal ostrich, did i do something wrong ?
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