I cannot get onto the national lottery site.I get this message"A secure connection cannot be established because this site uses an unsupported protocol"I have tried Chrome/Opera/Firefox and they all do the same.On both laptop and pc.Any ideas?

Found 17th May 2015
Unable to got onto national lottery site


Have you checked the time and data on your computer is correct?

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Time and date correct.I can get onto other sites.

Are you using a VPN?

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How do I check for a VPN?
I was able to get onto the site last weekend using the same machines .
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have you tried cleaning the browser history / Cache? run a program like ccleaner see if that helps

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Cleared history/cache and used ccleaner but no good

I can get onto the site with multiple browsers. Have you checked to see if its you security software blocking the site? Are you attempting the login from home or elsewhere? Is your java up to date?

This is the url i always use try it.


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I have not changed any security settings and I use different ones on each machine.I am trying to get onto the home page.The only change has been a windows update in the week.

is it just that site? can you get on other Https sites?

main reasons are normal date and time.
or wrong setting normally in ie unless your using a proxy?

I notice that you have tried on both pc and laptop and are they doing the same?

I Had the same problem a while back with Plusnet for some reason it was showing up that I was connecting to the internet from California I had to reboot my router to get around this until they fixed it.
Try doing a "what's my Ip" check and then contact your ISP they may already be aware of the problem, Plusnet certainly were in my case and they fixed it in a few days. Best of luck.

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Both pc and laptop are doing the same.
Just seems to be the lottery site

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I have just had to up date my safe settings on TalkTalk to allow the lotto site to be displayed.
Thanks for all the help
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