i can't believe im watching indi4 on the net already

Found 24th May 2008
jus found a site fr the streaming video
things dont take long do they?
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yeah its all right
obvioulsy not hd but can see everything
probably no different than watdhnig streaming stuff off on xbmc
I'm impressed that this video's up already! Awesome movie!
Rogem | 2008-05-23 00:02:05
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Good quality! I love it ^^
dw817 | 2008-05-23 05:50:19
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Awesome up, ranknfile !

Thanks for the link !

leena78 | 2008-05-23 09:35:08
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Was pretty cool.Can't believe I'm 1st.
Chadhulhu | 2008-05-23 13:15:53
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Not exceptionally great, but a heckuva alotta fun. tho why Spielberg, say it ain't so. 8/10
Just checked. There is a cam version on usenet.
this one is streaming
Once you go torrent you never go back. Mainly for all the tv shows CSI, Supernatural, Medium, Ghost whisperer, 30 Rock, Battle Star. All in HD
uhh cam at the back of the cinema jobs look really bad i never go below a 700mb dvd rip
the cam's een on usenet for 2 days. quality isn't bad

jack_burt0n: all the TV shows in HD on usenet as well, full speed d/l and none of the risk of torrent.
the cam version been out for about 3 days now possibly 4 watched it night after launch party
What is a good torrent site for US programmes ?
must be a cam rip, I'm waiting on the dvd rip.

must be a cam rip, I'm waiting on the dvd rip.

Rather see it on DVD on my Projector, or at the cinema.
My free cineworld tickets came today :thumbsup:

Enjoy doing it the chav way
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