I can't downgrade the o2 contract

Found 19th Mar 2013
I have one contract for 24 months with o2 that I got for the phone (with the intention of downgrading to the cheapest after one year), now one year has passed and although my paperwork says that I can downgrade after one year the advisers are saying that things have changed and my contract doesn't have a cheaper options. I can see the 50 minutes one on the website but they insist that I cannot downgrade as my contract is for 24 moths...
is there anything I can do ?
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if thats what you signed up for thats what you should get, see if there is any sneakey clauses in the T&C'S
on my paperwork it says that I can downgrade after one year
now they say "your contract can only support lowest tariff of O2 100."

why my paperwork says I can downgrade ?
they misssold my contract as I took it thinking that I can downgrade
basicatly, show it them on the contract, if they refuse then tell them you would like to leave alltogether on the missale of goods act.
They haven't missold you anything

Normally you can only downgrade to a certain level. You can't sign a £50 per month contract for 2 years then downgrade to £15 after a year.
You can only downgrade one level(if possible).

I used to pay £40 pm 900mins etc ... After half of my contract had been fulfilled I could downgrade it one lvl to £35 pm 600mins etc.
O2 are all over the place when it comes to this, I got different answers from different people and no solution. They seem to look at your tariff options from this page:

The clearest one I got was from a guy I spoke to about a tariff I had seen when originally shopping that I had also seen in the store. It is apparently a special offer which is only available on a new purchase, and if I were to take that tariff at this point it would cost the same as my current one.

I may call them again for more clarity or to see if I can do anything but as far as I can tell your options are usually limited to what you see on the above URL.
Where can I complain ?
I think is not correct if my contract says in writting that I can downgrade ... after one year to be told... actually you can't
It was done in the past by loads of people to downgrade one step after one year, but apparently they changed the policy in march last year ... I took the contract in mid march, but they should stick to what it says on paper.

You can downgrade. But only to a certain level. Complain all you like, but it won't change anything

they misssold my contract as I took it thinking that I can downgrade

They have told you that you can downgrade to O2 100, take it or leave it I suppose.
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