i cant find my deal

    i put a deal on earlier and i can find it when i click on my name > posts but when i type it in search it doesnt come up is this normal thanks all


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    i can find it that way but in the search box if i type the deal in it doesnt come up am i doing somthing wrong thanks repped

    actually its not on that list either

    this is the deal…r-1
    can you see it on my list of deals i have put on thanks

    I can never find mine when I search either! lol


    i see it as the 2nd one down?

    the search is absolutely crap tbh

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    I can never find mine when I search either! lol

    i just wondered cos its been on all day and isnt very hot anf i know some mums will really use this deal its a shame for it to be a miss really as i know its a good deal never mind eh u win some u loose some thanks repped

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    i see it as the 2nd one down?the search is absolutely crap tbh

    my 2nd one down is the bath support ah well never mind at least if u can see it it must be still on site thanks again shall i delete the link off this thread will i get in trouble for posting it here
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