Found 3rd Feb 2009
I posted a deal for Fairy Active Dishwasher tablets and its gone??? Anyone any idea where or why?




probs already been posted

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Ahh I see

If it was a duplicate post perhaps one of the Mods expired it. So annoying when you've typed it all up - just to have it wiped out. I'd rather that they were left as a reminder - you don't always see the original post.

Worth searching the site carefully in future to see if it's been posted before. Saves a lot of heartache.

Have some rep to cheer you up. ;-)

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Thanks for the help



Ahh I see

you can still post deals if its been a month since last posted otherwise as Star says they get spammed...use the search function to check (be warned, its rubbish!)

keep hittin em and you'll get a belter :thumbsup:

Welcome to HUKD

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It is a bit annoying your right. Sometimes if you dont visit the site every day then you miss good deals. Thanks for the rep!!

Welcome have some rep for at least trying to post!:thumbsup:


Hello woolfie, I've checked & your post wasn't removed by a MOD, instead it was member spammed as a duplicate. The link had been provided by one of the members but the post must have been removed before you got a chance to read it. (It's done automatically if a certain number of members spam it).

If it was removed by a MOD, you would normally get a quick PM linking you to the original post just for your information.

The original deal link was here though :…er/

Thanks :thumbsup:
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