I can't use google play store

Posted 10th Nov
When I open play store it gives me the option to sign in but when I click it it loads for a bit then goes back to the original page where I can choose to sign in. I've been searching all over the internet for an answer but I can't find one. HELP ME PLEASE. I can't download any apps because of it and it makes me feel very detached from my friends. By the way my phone is a Nokia 1 if that makes any difference. HELP NOW PLEASE.
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I'm guessing.
Have you setup 2 Step Verification on the G account you're using?
I'm wondering if you should be getting a verification text after you've entered your details, but aren't.
And that's the reason why it's going back to the log in screen again.

Also, maybe clear the cache/data from the GP app, restart your device and try again.
Have you signed what ever device you're using into an actually Google account?
See if your Gmail account is working (same credentials as play store)
Try logging on to your Google account (ie Gmail) from a computer browser just to check that you can actually sign in to it.
Turn off and on...

Then try logging in on another devise. I login outlaw google account and install apps. They just appear on their phone. Easier
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