I don't get the 'can't sell "free" incentives that come with mobile phone contracts" thing...

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Found 11th Oct 2009
You can sell a mobile phone that came on contract, but not the "free PS3" that comes with it. Right....



LG Cookie, £30 per month, over 24 months, so £720, with "free PS3".



Identical contract, but £420.15 cashback instead.

Common sense tells us that the PS3 is costing that £420.15, although avoiding any cashback redemption issues. It's certainly not free!!!

So, can someone clear this up for me?

Or any thoughts from HUKD posters?


its in the rules:?:?:?

Are you getting ps3 and mobile for £320 that means?



Link to the main Feedback thread discussing 'incentives' previously if you want to continue the discussion there, thanks.



Post #131 onwards refer.

In addition, worth highlighting how difficult your example would be to ensure no profiteering would take place. Mobile contracts can be downgraded after x amount of months and repeatedly so afterwards. We're not going down that route.

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