I feel lucky and great

    Complained to BT,got nowhere but found the high level complaints email, contacted them got a call back within 10 minutes apologising

    What happened was I was charged reconnection and late fees after a problem a few months ago and inc 3 months line rental and 3 months calls came to £95

    They wiped the debt! So now I owe NOTHING!

    Pure luck



    Great :thumbsup:


    whats the email, as are connectin keeps on cutting out once a day


    Congratulations matey

    Good for you!
    BT really are a bunch of jokers - worst customer service I've ever experienced.
    What's the e-mail address you used?


    we had the same problem months ago they charged us 124.99 for connection fee which were never mentioned when we first applied for it. So nightmare started endless phone calls to BT customer service and you usually find you are actually talking to someone from their india call centre who don't really have any clue what your problem is and amazingly most of them would just repeat the same thing. We were promised the problem would be sorted and the bill would be corrected a dozen of times. The truth is the problem was never sorted and we continuied to try to get it done for over 3 months the real nightmare finally came-we ended up got cut off and received a DEBT RECOVERY letter!!!

    So this time we rang the customer serivce again for the last time, asked to speak to their supervisor, after over 20 mins waiting we finally spoke to this "supervisor", again explained what happened etc etc and he sorted everything within 10 mins.

    This was after over 30 phone calls, speaking to over 50 different people of their india call centre, hours and hours waiting in the queue and 3 months stressful time... OH, and without the phone line, our broadband (from other supplier) got cut off and we had to re-apply.

    The memory is just so painful, now we have been scared, calling BT? Iwould rather die...

    telephone number of BT High level complaints. 0800 671 502
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