I feel so old - how do I do this on my phone?

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Found 25th Feb 2008

New N95 arrived today. Trying to get all my contacts on my 6230i onto the SIM card so I can just pop my new SIM card in the new phone and it all works.

How do I do it?! Grrr. Annoying me I can't find it. Feel so old, used to be up on my technology.


Don't feel old - they can be frustrating at the best of times even for litt-uns! :whistling:

Now then - if you look at your contacts... Can you remember how to get there?

Go to contacts and then Options then go to Copy and so on.....

If you still have the user manual i think it is around page 53 or so? If you can't get this quick reply do another and I will give you a more fuller explanation - if somebody hasn't already...

Hope this helps it is not too bad once you can navigate the menus.....

Cloud :oops:

go to names then options then copy your looking for phone to sim


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Yay - all done. Thanks! Was looking for a menu option more specific.

Right, anyway to move msgs etc or they just stuck on the old phone?

No such luck there - the only messages that will be moved, will be the ones that are saved to your sim card by default - anything that is saved to the phone memory will stay on the phone.... The only other way you can do it is to pop another sim in (or similar) and text your new fone.... Short of silly wild ideas that will no doubt follow.....

Where there is a will there is always a way - but for the sake of not going mad - I would ... Well you can opt to save some of your texts on your sim - but suffice to say, they wont go anywhere - they will still be on your old fones memory....

that is - i meant to say - the majority of your messages, not all... if you dont have a lot, it is possible that some of them will be saved to the sim.....

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I gotcha - and I got quite a few msgs. Sentimentel old me ... lol. All those 21 years of my life. he he. Left ya some rep for being so helpful ...

you can also back up your contacts on to the memory card.

Thanks ever so much HighGuy! That is kind and considerate of you. I know what you mean about the messages - i used to save everything! Best thing I can say is either forward the ones you want on to another phone, or keep the old phoen tucked away - then you can go back to it evey now and then....

Any probs give me a shout!


Meow 4 now

v true Hustler!

Hi mate, just read your thread,

Are you selling the 6230i, if so Can I buy it off ya ?

Original Poster

Erm...I suppose some sort of deal could be done Before I make a for Sale thread, how much do you want to pay?

£22.50 must include recorded delivery ?

paid by bank transfer

I expected better of you Highguy...I always thought you were one of us Geeks, but I must have been mistaken. Have some rep for embarrasing yourself on the forum :-D

They say old is gold, so nothing to worry about

Original Poster

Woah woah woah here! This is an OLD thread!!! raj I'll have a think about a sale, I'll PM you if it goes on FS board cos you can't sell things on here!

And Bazzaric. I'm so sorry to have let you down. So so sorry. "Must do better".
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