I finally got my tax rebate!!!!!!!

    Having worked for numerous companies and contracting last year, I knew I was owed a tax rebate... after months of letters and phone calls... it's finally arrived!!!!!
    The revenues and customs department have just issued me a cheque for... £6,031!!!
    Happy happy happy...



    Lovely! What a nice time of year to get it .. enjoy!

    wow, excellent amount especially this time of year!

    My seafarers tax rebate is due this week, £12k. Beats piracy!


    lucky you! took me 18 months to get £1500 4 years ago. HMRC = USELESS!

    They're a lot more reactive when you owe them money!

    It took 13 months to get a rebate of £1100 (last year), it only happened when they changed my tax office.

    I was one day late with my VAT return and they slapped me with a 10% fine!

    I had a tax rebate once which took 20 months!!

    nice amount for xmas! I got £783 last week and thought that was good! wasnt even asking for it-they just sent me a letter saying I was owed a rebate and the cheque would follow separately,and then it dropped through the door the next day.

    Happy Days! congrats!


    Yay well done miss
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