I get this problem when i start my parents computer

    Diskette faliure press F1 to continue or press F2 for setup.

    I can use the PC fine however its annoying.

    Any ideas?


    Try changing the CMOS battery

    what a coincidence, I just pulled out a computer out of my garage litterally 5 mins ago that does exactly the same thing?:!?!?!

    Sounds like a floppy drive error, does it have a floppy drive? If not, go into the BIOS and tell it there isn't one.

    If there is, then check the power and IDE connection inside

    Try taking the floppy disk out of the 1.44" floppy drive?

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    there is no floppy drive
    how do i enter the bios

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    ok its fixed now, silly computer.

    thanks guys reped


    there is no floppy drivehow do i enter the bios

    You enter the BIOS before Windows starts.

    As you computer first starts up you may get a message (for a few seconds) saying something like "Press delete to enter BIOS".

    Computers do vary so it is not always delete, maybe another key. You have to press it quickly because once Windows starts to load it is too late.

    Once in the BIOS you can find the place where you specifit Diskette drive and say there is not one (does differ depending what BIOS program you have).

    Exit BIOS, saving changes, and then try again.

    If you have not been n the BIOS before it can be a bit confusing so dont change anything you are not sure about. If you are not sure, when leaving BIOS just choose to save NO changes.



    ok its fixed now, silly computer. thanks guys reped

    Why not help others by saying how you fixed it? :thumbsup:

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    ok fixed by entering the bios and turning the 3.5" drive off

    problem solved


    ok fixed by entering the bios and turning the 3.5" drive offproblem solved

    3.5"??? that would be the hard drive! For clarification do you mean the 1.44" floppy? (ooer missus)
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