I go to the public baths and lost count how many 20pences i lose from the lockers!!

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Found 19th Mar 2008
I was gobsmacked today when i went swimming ! instead of the pool attendants keeping the area clean they are otherwise engaged checking lockers for jammed or forgotten 20pence pieces !!! they were checking all lockers and pocketing the cash !nice little earner ,shame they dont get the bleedin lockers fixed with the cash tho .

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your lucky it is only 20p where you live! One of our local pools is 50p per locker and the other is £1!!! My 5 year old son and his friends always check all the lockers at the £1 place when we have 5 mins before football!

My local pool keeps the 20p...I pay an anual subscription and therefore i'm ment to get a locer token every time i go but someone keeps poketing the tokens so they STILL expect me to cough up that extra 20p. It's the pools fault they dont have enough tokens so why should i pay out!!
I also forgot my membership card twice..the first time they just asked me to confirm my details so i did and the lady let me in no bother, the second time i forgot it the woman was really snotty with me and made me fill a form in only to then match what i'd written on the database anyway??? She also said that if anyone forgot there card in future they were going to be charged again - outrageous
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